How to Design Public Address System In Building

Public Address System is design for public announcement in public building, schools and commercial building. It can be used to play back ground music in restaurant and small bar. The system usually consists of ceiling speaker or box speaker distributed to cover the area and it is divided into zones. A good PA system will ensure that people will be able to hear the sound clearly and not confuse by the announcement.

To design the PA system first we need to determine the number of ceiling speakers to cover the area. Once we know the quantity of the ceiling speaker then we work out the number of amplifier required. Finally divide the speakers into different zones for example in different floor or areas.

For room application you will need sound system design. The sound system will requires bigger speaker and powerful amplifier compare to PA system. It is also called sound reinforcement system where the sound is amplified to cover the room. Auditorium, church and meeting room need this system for live speeches and audio playback.

One of the important requirements for the sound system is able to produce with clear spoken words over a large hall. The coverage of the sound to all the seats has to be even. Thus designing a sound system is much more complex as the room gets bigger. Meeting room or lecture hall will have less quantity of speaker compare to auditorium that requires many loudspeaker cabinet and subwoofer.

Hence the public address system should not confuse with the sound system as the later are for live music, whereas PA system are for announcement in public buildings.

In our lighting and sound company we will have basic rule for the sound system design and public address system design which make the design easy.

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